Your Average Girl


She was bullied, she was mistreated, she was judged, she was underestimated, everyone thinks she’s a living trash. Everyone isolated her, everyone hated her. That’s why she thought of herself as a trash as well. She never had the courage to prove herself up. For six years in elementary, she never felt loved. She always cry herself to sleep and wear a smile when it’s day.  Then one day, she found a friend. She finally acquired one. This friend defended her, this friend motivated her to prove herself up.

And then she did. She gave it a shot and proved herself up. Slowly, the world noticed her efforts. They finally recognized her as a smart and talented girl. People started admiring her. And the ones who treated her badly before? They acted like a friend to her. They pretended to be kind. She knew all of these aren’t real. They only treated her as a friend and not a foe, because she gained fame – which they didn’t. But despite all of those negativities, she accepted them. She completely gave them a chance to change.

But she didn’t replaced her one true friend who showed up in times she needed a hand the most.  She continued what she had started and eventually slowly made her way up. She became a well known person in their campus and in the other institutions.  It was a great feeling indeed to finally get recognized.  But, she did not forgot where she came from, where she used to be. So she started helping those in need. She helped most of her classmates in making their projects, compilations and even assisted most of them in their assessments. She was an angel. She was a savior. But only a few truly appreciated her.

This word is such a mess. We need more people like her. Someone who don’t judge anyone based on their physical self. Someone who won’t laugh at you when you screw something up, instead she’d help you up. If only everyone was like her, this world wouldn’t have been a living chaos, where insecurities and selfishness rules. Be someone who can change the world – for the better, don’t be the one who’ll change the world into something bad. Be an average girl since nobody is perfect.